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The Down, Dirty And Rugged Jeep TJ - Toronto Driver's Take Control

If you want a vehicle that will conquer anything it meets or just looks rough and tough, you are likely considering a Jeep TJ. Toronto drivers have embraced the culture behind this vehicle and have never hesitated to test them to the max. These off-road marvels became so popular for their resilience on the wild terrain that the public began to nickname all off-road vehicles as a Jeep.

The original jeep played an important role in WWII, often called 'Willys Jeep' because of its joint manufacturer 'Willys-Overland' and Ford. They also appeared in civilian life in the 1940s and instantly became a hit throughout the 1950s when it was sold to Kaiser. They continued to grow the momentum surrounding this early SUV by releasing the Wagoneer in 1960 followed by several different models and the first Scrambler in the 70s after the American Motor Company bought Kaiser-Jeep.

On the inside, they are a beast of burden with a 2.4L, 2.5L, 3.8L, 4.0L, or 4.2L engine and your choice of front, rear, or four-wheel drive. Comfort isn't a problem either. Most models produced in the 90s had power steering, a leather wrapped steering wheel, center console, and much more.

Also known as YJ and JK, there is no mistaking the unique body style and almost macho shell of the Jeep TJ. Toronto drivers love that they can head out down a muddy back road just as easily as they can conquer the rushing traffic on the 401. When you drive a Jeep, you become an elite, die-hard enthusiast!

Even with a used Jeep TJ, Toronto bargain hunters are going to find it tough to find a 'cheap Jeep'. These convertible SUVs are reliable so long as they have been treated well, causing them to hold on to their resale value. However, you will find they are well worth the money.