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The Mini Cooper - Toronto's Small Package Of High-Class

Created by the British, these small subcompact cars show just how delightful a small car can be. The expert design uses a special front-wheel drive arrangement that increases interior space, eliminating the hassles and frustration of small spaces. They look good whether they are approaching or driving away from you, and above all, they're affordable. With the Mini Cooper, Toronto drivers don't have to sacrifice comfort and style to have a fuel-efficient vehicle that is a pure joy to drive.

The Mini Cooper and its many variations sold well until the early 80s when competing compacts started to come into favor, even though they were much larger. The line changed hands several times with several design changes to match including an abandonment of their rounded shape.

Many buyers underestimate the Mini Cooper. Toronto used car dealers don't get many of them, but if you are fortunate enough to test-drive one, you'll fall in love immediately. They are set up well for the driver and are ideal for city driving with their great fuel mileage and size. Mini Coopers are surprisingly fast (they had their own rally circuit) and are ideal for customizing. Car enthusiasts have used them to create miniature limousines, oranges, double-decker buses and many others.

Affordability and premium driving capabilities are just some of the benefits to owning a Mini Cooper. Toronto dealers find they go off the lot so quickly it can be difficult to catch them. When you do get the chance, take it and discover what has had Europe and the Americas abuzz for decades.